River Poddle FAS - Threshold Survey Commencement

River Poddle FAS - Threshold Survey Commencement

By poddleadmin
Wednesday, 13th March 2019
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As part of the preparation works required for the scheme, Murphy Surveys Ltd, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare have been engaged on our behalf to carry out a Property Threshold Survey on properties within the River Poddle catchment. The survey commenced on 13th of March and is anticipated to take approximately 7 weeks to complete.

The survey consists in the recording of reduced levels and locations at door entry points, basements, air blocks etc. which are then used to compare against flood water entry levels.

All surveyors will carry identification badges. If you have any queries please contact info@poddlefas.ie or the message utility in the contact section on this website.

4 survey teams will be on the ground with the extents of the survey shown here