When is the project due to be completed?

There are many factors to take into account when putting together a programme for a complicated scheme such as the River Poddle Flood Alleviation Scheme, including the period required to successfully acquire planning permission. It is anticipated that construction will take two years once planning permission has been granted.

This webpage will be frequently updated with details of the project's progress.

How has the scheme been funded?

The OPW is providing funding for the initial phases of the project (feasibility and initial design) and will also fund construction works when planning permission has been granted. 

What is the purpose of this scheme?

The scheme will increase the standard of flood protection on the River Poddle to protect properties at risk from the 1% Annual Excedence Probability (AEP), or 1 in 100 year fluvial (river) flood taking into account the anticipated increase in flows attributable to climate change.

Is there anything planned for other parts of Dublin?

The Eastern CFRAM is a separate study commissioned by the OPW and addresses flood risk management across the whole of the city, as well as other towns and villages. The Eastern CFRAM Study will result in publication of a Flood Risk Assessment and Management Plan which will outline flood management measures for other parts of the city.  More information on the Eastern CFRAM can be found on the project website http://eastcfram.irish-surge-forecast.ie/ and the recently established http://www.floodinfo.ie.

Will this scheme increase the risk of flooding in other places?

No, this will be a key consideration in our design. We will consider the impacts on Dublin as a whole to ensure that any works completed as part of this scheme do not increase the flood risk to surrounding lands. 

Am I at risk of flooding?

You can look at the flood maps on the recently established website http://www.floodinfo.ie/ to see the flood extents for Dublin City and the rest of Ireland. The website provides access to the published Flood Plans along with the Flood Maps developed by the OPW and information about flood risk management in Ireland.

How can I find out more about the study?

We will be keeping this website updated with the latest news and details of forthcoming public consultation events.  You can also use the 'Contact us' page to ask a question or provide feedback, or register to be emailed with project updates.

Who can help? The OPW provides advice for people whose properties and businesses are at risk of flooding. For more information, and to help you prepare, click here.